Before I talk about Major I would like to take a step back in time, in late 2012 I went up to Sydney to visit a lovely yellow dog and fell in love with him. He was not everyone’s cup of tea but I promised myself that I had to use him BUT alas I did not have a girl in my kennel which would suit him.

When I got back to Melbourne I began to harass my good friends Sharon and Vicky Thomas of Laskelsa Labradors to breed their gorgeous girl Driftway Black Silhouette/ Zoe, Zoe was bred to Sup CH Driftway Special Envoy, in early 2013.

Laskelsa Black Diamond / my girl Star was born on the 3rd of March after many phone calls and a bit of gentle persuasion I was given Star (thank you Vicky and Sharon).

Major is the result of this breeding. He is everything I can ask for and he is just six months old. I hope he continues to develop and grow into what I think he will be.

It will be folly on my part as a breeder to try and predict the future. In the last six months he has given me all I have asked for. I will now just wish to take one step at a time.

Love the Boy!

Quick Facts

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male
Call Name: Major
Date of Birth: 14 August 2016