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Every time we at Morndew decide to have a litter we most off do so to carry on our lines or if we need additions to our show team.

WE NEVER use the dog next door because it’s a Labrador or the last best in show winner all of our litters are treated as if it was the very last breeding we had from one of our top girls (who are worth their weight in gold am sure many breeders would agree with us).

Once we decide to have a litter which could be a year or more or in some cases prior to the litter itself we first decided on which girl we would breed from and WHY what are we hoping to attain, then finding a suitable stud dog who excels in the area which we would like him to complement or improve on our girl.

Then comes the process of negotiating the breeding. In some cases the Stud dog could be from overseas and it is a long, tyring, and expensive process in having the dog collected frozen shipped and finally when the time is right and our girl is ready to be mated or, artificially inseminated, or surgically implanted its done.

Finally comes the sixty-three days of anticipation. At the end of the sixty-three days we are sometimes rewarded with a lovely litter which requires to be managed for the first week in some cases 24 hours a day.

We do our best to ensure our babies are raised on only the best food, socialised with children and other animals. At the end of eight weeks from the time they are born we make the ever so difficult decision of letting some go. If you think you can give our babies a home where in they will be loved, & cared for only then please contact us.

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