Manny is a true Labrador who should be able to pass on his strengths of quality of coat, the true otter tail , & the typical Labrador head . He is truly a pleasure to live with and we will always be grateful to Julie from the famous Croftsway Labradors for allowing Manny to come to Melbourne.

Manny has a very pleasant placid temperament he comes to us with a star studded pedigree, and am sure he will be an attribute to our breeding program

We look forward to showing and breeding Manny in the near future

Manny is -Black carrying Yellow

Manny now is owned by Seeing Eye Dogs Victoria and is one of their stud dogs.

Frozen semen available and shipped world wide.

Quick Facts

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Sex: Male
Call Name: Manny
Date of Birth: 7/7/2010

Health Clearances
Hips – 2 – 2
Elbows – 0 – 0
PRA - Clear
EIC - Carrier
Eyes - Clear
Heart - Clear Normal
Centronuclear Myopathy- NORMAL
Long Hair Gene - (PHENOTYPE) (NORMAL)
Mytotubular Myopathy X Linked (NORMAL)
Narcolepsy (NORMAL)