About MornDew

Morndew was years of planning which all came together in 2007. We moved into suburban Melbourne registered our Prefix Morndew Retrievers with the Victorian Canine Association, purchased our first puppy which was a black girl,  followed by a yellow girl (from the famous Driftway Kennels, thank you Mr Guy Spagnolo for our beloved Gypsy) another black girl and boy from New Zealand (from the famous Croftsway Kennels, thank you Julie Bedford Pope for entrusting us with Mistiq/CH Croftsway New Moon and Manny/NZ CH Croftsway Manolito).

At this stage we decided that living in suburbia was not going to help us grow our kennel so we purchased a property in Kyneton and the transition from suburban Melbourne to Kyneton took us 2 years. All this time we worked relentlessly to establish relationship with respected Labrador kennels in Australia and overseas. We began showing our dogs with a bit of success and spent endless hours looking at Labradors, reading books and speaking to senior breeders to establish in our minds the type of Labrador that made us tick.

Once we understood the type of Labrador we wanted then began the journey to find the Labradors to use as stud dogs to assist us to achieve the result we were looking for. We bred a few litters with little success but each time the puppies seemed to look better and were coming closer to what we wanted. We now are working on establishing a family of a Labradors who look alike and are pleasing to our eye.

We have the SLOWLY, SLOWLY, CATCH THE MONKEY APPROACH and it seems to be working thus far. We will continue to strive to breed quality over quantity and work relentlessly to be responsible breeders and ambassadors to the greater good of the Labrador.

Quick Facts

Owner:Hugh Vardon
Location:Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Total Dogs:9
Award Winners:5
Total Awards:157

Our Latest News

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