My Story

From a very young age, actually from my earliest memory I was always surrounded by pets of all kinds. Birds, amphibians, cats and dogs.

As a young lad I would spend endless hours with my father planning the new aviary or working on the homing pigeons training program. I was the only one of four siblings who took after my father who was a keen animal lover. I was introduced to the show scene in the late eighties by a friend who bread Rottweilers and Dobermanns. I assisted where possible to exercise, groom and show his dogs. It was then I decided that someday I would breed and show pedigree dogs. A decade passed during which time I travelled and lived in a few interesting countries, started a family of my own and eventually moved to Melbourne in early 2007 at which time we decided that it was time to grow some roots.

My wife Tandra and I discussed several breeds before we unanimously decided on the Labrador as our breed of choice. The next year was dedicated to studying the history and origin of the breed and finally the famous Labrador kennels of the world and Australia which is when we stumbled on the Prefix Driftway which seemed common to several quality Labradors we researched. We contacted Mr Guy Spagnolo of the famous Driftway Kennels and began harassing him for a puppy, the rest as they say is history. We have since done our best to acquire dogs from some of the finest families of Labradors to ensure we built a strong base stamped with quality and type but yet ensuring that we do so by selecting sound stock free from hereditary disease and genetic defects. Last but not least we have sought out dogs with the finest of temperament’s which is the hall mark of the Labrador.

We hope to be ambassadors of the breed with the goal that in our lives we should contribute to improving the quality of the Labrador and if not then at the very least maintain the quality given to us by all the great breeders and kennels who have done justice to the breed thus far.

I welcome you to our web site and hope you enjoy browsing it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Please leave us a message on our guest book tab and tell us what you think. This will greatly assist us in further development of our website.

Regards, Hugh.

Quick Facts

Owner:Hugh Vardon
Location:Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
Total Dogs:9
Award Winners:5
Total Awards:157

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